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About us

Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft. has been founded as a railway operator by companies within the field of interest of Hungarian, German and Austrian state railways (MAV Kombiterminál Kft, Speditions Holding, Kombiverkehr KG and GySEV) at the end of 2005 with the purpose to remain competitive against road transportation and other possibilities emerging after the railway liberalization and to preserve their share on the market of intermodal transportation.

The ownership structure was changed in 2009, since then Rail Cargo Operator – Hungaria Kft. is 100% owned by Rail Cargo Group.

Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft is involved in the handling of about 1400 trains a year in various Hungarian export/import relations. Along with single wagon freight transportation this totals to about 96 thousand TEU per anum. In terms of environment protection this combined transportation quantity saves about 48 thousand road transports in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries.

Budapest BILK container terminal is of key importance in the handling of Hungarian export/import transports, therefore Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft has been operating at this terminal since its foundation.

The activity of Rail Cargo Operator - Hungaria Kft in connection with these transports is basically bidirectional. The primary task is to organize the aforementioned trains as effectively and economically as possible, closely cooperating with our foreign product partners involved in the traffic. Beside this, by close and efficient customer relationships we use our best efforts to get best informed as quickly as we can about the needs of the transportation market and to meet the expectations of our clients.